Fly Fishing lessons

lessons are based on Half Day, 4 hours, or Full Day approximately 7 hours which includes a short break. Because I want you to have a great experience while learning as much as possible these times can be flexible.

1-2-1 Lessons are designed just for you although I will be only too pleased to accomodate any friend or family member you may wish to bring along.

Lessons are available all year round.


Choosing the right tackle to suit your needs before parting with your money.

The correct way to set up tackle.

Fishing safety.

Knots and leaders. I will show you how to tie a few simple knots which will be the only ones you will ever need.

Casting methods such as the overhead cast, the roll cast. and distance casting.

Boosting your catch by choosing the right fly or lure to match conditions. Presenting the fly and how to fish it. Whether it is lure, nymph, wet or dry-fly our expert coaches will show you how.

Watercraft. How to 'read' a water and getting to understand what trout might be feeding on. Where fish might be located and at what depth to fish to maximise your catch.

How to hook, play and land a fish.

And much much more.

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I will teach you easy to learn casting and fishing techniques designed to get you started and catching fish. As a professional instructor I will show you the correct casting methods which will help you to avoid frustrating casting faults and stop you developing bad habits in the future. This way your fishing will be much more enjoyable and productive. During your lesson it is hoped that you will have gained enough basic knowlege to have a go at catching a fish and I will give you every assistance in doing just that.

You may have already started fly fishing but still experience frustrating problems which result in tangles, knots or lack of distance. 1-2-1 guidence will help to iron out these problems. Or you might just simply wish to improve on your existing skills. I am here to help you.

Designed just for you although I will be only too pleased to accomodate any friend or family member you may wish to bring along.

You may have heard about Spey Casting and imagined that it was a very difficult, or even mysterious, form of casting for experts only. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that Spey Casting is relatively easy once you have been shown how. There are no end of instructions and internet videos on the subject which, in most cases serve only to confuse or blind you with science. I will show you how to Spey Cast in a friendly and informative way starting with the tackle set-up. I will then take you through all the stages of Spey Casting starting with the ROLL CAST, the SINGLE SPEY and the DOUBLE SPEY cast. And I will make it easy for you. If you would like me to show you how you can choose either a 4 hour lesson or spend the day with me.
I mostly teach on the river Dee, a noted game fishing river, 110km long. from its source in the mountains of Snowdonia to the historic city of Chester where it enters tidal water. A fly fisherman's dream.

The river Dee offers some of the best grayling fishing to be found anywhere in the UK. I can give you guidance or coaching, or both on some of the most productive beats that I know extremely well and have fished for many years.


Please contact me for more information.
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While I have been an avid trout and grayling fisherman for many years, this season  was my first  for salmon fishing. I recieved a most rewarding lesson from James who is a spey casting expert. I was shown all the basic methods like the single and double spey cast for example  after which James took me down tbe river to put it all into pracrise.  James was first class in his tuition and made the process of learning fun and easy. He explained  everything  in a very relaxed manner and put me at ease right from the start. He must have done something right  as subsequent trips to the Towy and Tyne, fishing a double hander, were very successful.  I  would recommend James  to anyone who is looking to develop their flyfishing skills.
Alun Gwatkin (Co Director)

Alun Gwatkin

Although I have been a keen trout fisherman for over forty years,  I had always wanted to learn how to Spey Cast for salmon.  I met James  in August  2016 and received top notch spey casting instructions along a beautiful stretch of the River Dee. Once I seemed to get the hang of it , James  said it was time to put things into prsctise as this was the best way to learn. We then ventured into the river and waded down a fair length with James polnting out all the best sopts and how to cover them. It was all thoroughly  enjoyable. James  was  and is, an excellent instructor.
I cannot praise James  enough. He has helped me to fulfil my dream of Spey Casting and I eagerly await next years season.

Dr Roger Dicks


As I work with a team of qualified and experienced coaches,larger groups and corporate parties can be accommodated if you give us sufficient notice.

We are able to teach small groups of school children age 12 or over if accompanied by a teacher or other responsible adult. Please contact us to discuss your needs and cost.

We will be pleased to recommend accomodation in the area to suit your requirements although you will need to confirm your booking and arrange payment directly with the appropriate proprietor.

Tackle from Corwan Manor Fishing Tackle,

  Half Day
(4 Hours)
Full Day
(7 Hours)
1 Adult £120.00 £200.00
2 Adults £180.00 £245.00
3 Adults £230.00 £295.00



*Prices include fishery permit, but does not include rod licence which can be purchased from the Post Office for £3.75.


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We regret that we are unable to accept credit or debit cards. Payment can be made on the day via cash, or cheque made payable to J Waltham. All payments to be made in full before the commencement of the lesson. If lessons have to be cancelled due to inclement weather another booking may be made for a mutually convenient date. Waiting time will be 60 minutes before deeming the day a cancellation. Should you be delayed for any reason, please phone and we will endeavour to arrange a later time